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Name 8 Ball Pool
Publisher Miniclip.com
Size 114MB
Version 55.6.0
Google Play ID com.miniclip.eightballpool

8 Ball Pool is an online two to four-player billiards sports game developed by the Miniclip Company. The game is for both, PCs and mobile devices and enables people to play 8ball pool against each other virtually.

There are several modes in this game. You can challenge an opponent, join a tournament, or just train in a single-player option. It also has a hierarchical system whereby you earn points and can level up to access new cues and tables. The higher the level, the more difficult the competition becomes, as every level is rated according to the level of challenge that it poses.

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8 Ball Pool Gameplay

8 Ball Pool APK is among the most famous pool games played by people globally using their Mobiles. You can play on your favorite table, invite your online friends as well, and enjoy the Pool challenge! This means that you can earn a limitless number of coins. Unlike in any other game, in the 8 Ball Pool, you will enjoy the following benefits; unlimited money and premium cues.

The rules used in the game are similar to a real-life billiards game. In total, there are five balls on the table at the beginning of the video game and you and your opponent get seven balls. The goal of the game is to use the magic wand to put all the objects he has collected into the hole. That is to say, if you do this task, you will be a winner and gain sufficient rewards.

At first, you can experience 1 vs 1 gameplay. Both teams have to bet one coin to enter the game. Remember, the rules of the game cannot be changed. The difficulty level is the same, irrespective of the level of learning. Even if you fail to catch the last ball, you are still losing.

8Ball Online is a billiard application that lets you play various billiard games with other online players as well as with artificial Intelligence.

Features of 8 Ball Pool Mobile App

Now, let me explain the best parts that make the 8 Ball Pool mobile game unique among pool games.

  1. Realistic Physics and Graphics
    As I pointed out earlier, this game has realistic physics in its simulation. It has been found that the ball movement and their physics are nearly as real as in the real-world game of pool. Further, it offers good graphics, tallies, and well-detailed cues, making the graphics more interesting.
  2. Multiplayer Mode
    The multiplayer gaming feature, enables you to play with your friends or with any other player from distant regions of the world. This way, you can be matched up against players who are of the same skill level as you, thus providing a match that is on even ground for everyone.
  3. Tournaments
    If you are lucky to be very competitive, it means you can take part in tournaments desirable all the time. These tournaments are larger and let the players play more than one game in the hope of being the ultimate winner. Busting is one activity that has been approved to be enjoyable and easy, and it can also be used to note additional coins.
  4. Customization Options
    Here are the options for customization in the eight ball pool: There are numerous cues and tables that you can avail of, and all have their lovely appearances. While you progress through the game and gain higher levels, new ways of diversifying the game are available to you.
  5. In-Game Chat
    The game also has an in-game chat feature. This lets you communicate with your opponent during matches. You can send quick messages like “Nice shot!” or “Good game!” It’s a nice touch that makes the game feel more social.
  6. Coins and Rewards
    As you play, you’ll earn coins and other rewards. You can use these to enter higher-stakes matches, buy new cues and tables, and more. There are also daily rewards and special events that give you the chance to earn even more.
  7. Practice Mode
    There is also a practice mode in case you wish to practice the game to perfect it. This allows individuals to play ‘solo’ games in a pressure-free manner. It is especially a good idea to assess your shots and improve your gaming skills.


8 Ball Pool is a great iOS/Android game that recreates the atmosphere of billiard games on your smartphone. A realistic physics engine, an entertaining multiplayer option, and multiple customization features are why everyone appreciates it. Casual gamers have the opportunity to play games for enjoyment, while hardcore gamers can join tournaments for competition.

8 Ball Pool APK v55.6.0

APK (114MB)
4.4/5 (27,550,665 votes)

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