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Name Auto Clicker
Publisher True Developers Studio
Size 3.70MB
Version 2.1.4
Google Play ID com.truedevelopersstudio.automatictap.autoclicker

Hello there! You may want to know more about the Auto Clicker app if you’re here. Perhaps you’ve read or heard it from someone who uses the tool or maybe you want to know how to make your device perform some actions autonomously. No matter what, it is great to be here. Read this post to find a complete guide to the Auto Clicker by polar app, and how to obtain the Auto Clicker apk. Let’s dive in!

What is an Auto Clicker App?

Auto Clicker is a tool developed to help tap or click on your device’s screen automatically. It is typically used in in-game scenarios, productivity applications, or any situation that requires click automation. Instead of having to tap on the screen continually, you can use this handy app known as Auto Clicker. This can save time and energy, especially in operations that require hundreds of thousands of clicks.

Advantages of using the Auto Clicker App

Well, you might be wondering why there is a need for an autoclicker app in the first place.

  • Gaming: Most mobile games entail the use of taps on the screen of the mobile device. Auto Clicker can come in handy to advance quicker through these stages.
  • Productivity: Sometimes, in some productivity apps, there are areas where you may have to repeat an action several times. Using the Auto Clicker application, such activities can be done automatically and you can focus on other tasks.
  • Testing: Auto clickers are very useful for developers to check whether a certain application responds correctly to repetitive tasks.

The idea of using an auto-clicker can help make your life easier and achieve goals faster.

Key Features of the Auto Clicker App

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the key features that make Auto Clicker apps so useful:

Easy to Use Interface

Auto Clicker apps are easy to set up and use since most include interfaces that allow you to quickly configure them for automated clicking. It will be extremely beneficial to have no technological expertise to understand and use them. Simple, you just click it with your finger, and you are set.

Customizable Click Intervals

AutoClick by polar application, has some options that will allow you to program the intervals between each click. The rate at which the clicks are being produced can be adjusted in a way that is desired, depending on whether the requirements are clicks per millisecond or second.

Multiple Click Points

Auto Clicker app permits the user to specify more than one point for a click. This means you can program the computer to click anywhere on the screen at one time or another, either at the same time or sequentially. This comes in handy, especially for tasks that integrate different parts of the screen into the computer.

Clicking Modes

Auto Clicker applications tend to come with more than one click settings, such as single click, double click, or even triple click. This is usually done in an attempt to ensure that the required mode of communication is chosen to suit the current activity.

Looping and Timing Options

Autoclicker by polar can be programmed to work on a schedule or to complete a given number of clicks. This is particularly useful for automating where you are sure about the number of minutes/hours the automation should last.

Safe and Secure

There are genuine Auto Clicker applications available for Android that will not harm your device or install viruses and malware, and they do not need root access. They work within the parameters of the permission of your device, so the security and privacy of the users are preserved.

Support for Multiple Languages

Most Auto Clicker apps provide a multi-language interface, which affords it more popularity among users. Now people from different regions can use the application, but they are not limited by language barriers.

No Ads

Using Auto Clicker applications can be fun, and some of the applications come with no ads if you use the paid version.

Get Maximum Experience Auto Clicker By Polar:

Using an Auto Clicker app is straightforward.

  1. Set Up Click Points: Open the app and set up the click points on your screen. You can usually drag and drop click markers to the desired locations.
  2. Adjust Settings: Customize the click intervals, duration, and clicking mode according to your needs.
  3. Start Clicking: Once everything is set up, start the Auto Clicker. It will begin automating clicks based on your settings.
  4. Stop When Done: When you’ve accomplished your task, stop the Auto Clicker. You can adjust settings and start again if needed.


The Auto Clicker APK is an amazing application that can help you a lot to minimize your time and energy, which takes more time for clicking purposes on your device. This app works for every single person who has a deeper involvement with electronic devices or is merely a game lover, or it can be greatly helpful for a developer. It has a lot of features, such as adjustable intervals between the clicks, the possibility to set more than one click point as well, and different clicking modes, making it a rather universal tool for many applications.

Auto Clicker APK v2.1.4

APK (3.70MB)
4.6/5 (578,961 votes)

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