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Name CCleaner
Publisher Piriform
Size 46.09MB
Version 24.11.0
Google Play ID com.piriform.ccleaner

As technology dominates the world, it has never been more crucial to maintain a clean operating system. And one of them is an application called CCleaner that helps me with it. It is an effective tool that contributes to the removal of threats and the maintenance of the devices’ performance. Let’s explore CCleaner Pro and its basic functions, as well as mention the CCleaner APK.

What is a CCleaner?

The CCleaner tool belongs to cleaners or utilities and was created by the company Piriform, to improve PC operations. Despite its origins on Windows, CCleaner is now available for Macs and Android. CCleaner essentially works as a cleaner, removing other useless files, and clearing the system cache, thus increasing device functionality.

Initially, I did not believe, what I heard and read about CC Cleaner. I began to ponder if the change would be noticeable in some way. However, I can say it does get helpful in clearing the devices and making them less cluttered after some time of usage.

Key Features of CCleaner

From the review, it is clear that CCleaner has many features that are essential to the health of the product.

Junk File Cleaner

CCleaner is the best junk file cleaning tool, including temporary files, system cache files, and any other unnecessary files that are created and stored within the system as they are used. CCleaner is capable of deleting these files, which leads to space being freed up and performance being enhanced. Each time that I employ this attribute, I find that my gadget operates faster and has more free space.

Registry Cleaner (for Windows)

There is a registry cleaner on the Windows version of C Cleaner, which is designed to detect and correct problems in the Windows registry. This can assist with solving problems within the system and increasing stability. Although it is not a feature found in the Android app, it is worth mentioning to those who use CCleaner for different operating systems.

App Management

CCleaner allows users to manage installed applications. On Android, this means you can uninstall apps you no longer need directly from the CCleaner interface. It’s a convenient way to declutter your device. I find this especially useful for quickly removing apps that I’ve stopped using but forgot to uninstall.

Browser Cleaning

Internet browsers often store cookies, cache, and history, which can slow down performance. CCleaner can clean these files across various browsers, enhancing privacy and speed. I like this feature because it helps maintain my privacy by removing tracking cookies and other browsing data.

System Monitoring

One of the features provided by CCleaner is system performance tracking tools. In the case of Android, this includes monitoring for battery consumption as well as temperature. To notify its users about such issues as applications that consume a lot of power or make the device hot. I have been able to use this feature to enable me to locate apps that had been consuming a lot of space and remove them.

Scheduled Cleaning

Perhaps one of the best things that could be spotted in the software is the cleaning schedule. It also requires you to schedule the scans and clean-up jobs within a predetermined timeframe. This makes sure that your device stays clean without you having to be reminded to do it every time. Mine is set to operate weekly, and as a user, it is just a plan-and-forget program that keeps my gadgets in the best shape.

Early Access to Updates

Sometimes, updates are pushed out in phases, and not all the people using the app acquire the update at the same time. You can obtain a more up-to-date version of CCleaner by using the CCleaner APK, because updates can be made available instantly.


However, in some circumstances, the Google Play Store app might display that the application being downloaded is incompatible with your device when, in fact, it is not. Downloading an APK helps overcome this limitation and installs the app directly on the device in use.

Offline Installation

If you’re setting up a device without internet access, you can download the CCleaner APK on another device and transfer it. This can be a handy workaround in various situations.

Experience with CCleaner

I have been using CCleaner for some time now, and it also appears to be useful software when it comes to managing devices. Cleaners are great for freeing up space, and the application management tools allowed me to structure my devices. The monitoring tools of the system help to see which applications take more resources, and the cleaning happens at regular time intervals, so I do not have to bother about it at all.

All in all, I must say that CCleaner is now one of the programs that I consider indispensable for my devices’ maintenance. It is easy to use, works well, and endures. CCleaner can optimize your Windows PC, Mac or Android device by backing up your system and erasing any unused files.


The CCleaner app is a universal application used to monitor and improve the performance of your mobile devices. Users are provided with tools for cleaning up junk files, apps, monitoring system performance, and many other things for optimizing their devices. Thus, the presence of the CCleaner APK increases the degree of convenience, as it provides an opportunity to download updates in advance and install the program when offline.

If you are desirous of enhancing your gadget’s performance, then you ought to try the CCleaner software. It is a simple solution, yet when implemented, it can bring a lot of enhancements to the overall performance of the device in question.

CCleaner APK v24.11.0

APK (46.09MB)
4.5/5 (2,716,019 votes)

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