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Enjoy the fever pitch of "real soccer" in eFootball™ 2024!

Name eFootball™ 2024
Publisher KONAMI
Size 2.58GB
Version 8.6.0
Google Play ID jp.konami.pesam

Konami brings football simulation games to life in its newest release, eFootball 2024. The recent one is quite better as compared to the previous version, eFootball 2023, in terms of graphic and mechanical control. Douglas Davis suggests that its goal was to eliminate the gap between actual football and virtual football in a bid to enhance the quality of games.

eFootball 2024 is thought of as a complex system that captures real football as a sport. There are different options between single and multiple players so that all players can enjoy the game, especially common soccer players and soccer video game players. For this version of eFootball 2024, fans could look forward to accurate roster updates, neater transfers and value, and improved stadium additions to develop the football gaming experience.

How to Play eFootball 2024

  • Getting Started

First, you have to download the game. So if you are playing from a console or PC, you can simply buy and download eFootball 2024 from the official store. For Android users, GenuineApks hosts the eFootball 2024 APK file. Make sure that your device is compatible with the requirements of the game to play it without hitches.

  • Basic Controls

Understanding the basic controls is crucial for new players. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Movement: Use the left joystick to move your player around the field.
  • Passing: Press the ‘X’ button (or the equivalent on your device) to pass the ball to a teammate.
  • Shooting: Use the ‘O’ button to shoot towards the goal.
  • Tackling: Press the ‘Square’ button to tackle an opponent.
  • Sprinting: Hold the ‘R2’ button to make your player run faster.
    These controls are standard across most platforms, but always check the control settings for your specific device.

Game Modes

eFootball 2024 offers several game modes to suit different play styles

  1. Exhibition Match: Defeat the enemies in this five-turn battle or challenge a friend to a duel.
  2. Career Mode: Oversee a team through a season, and make decisions that affect the team both in terms of gameplay and administration.
  3. Online Matches: Join the fight against players from all around the globe.
  4. Tournament Mode: Take part in several competitions to win trophies and other incentives.
    Select the mode that you are interested in and one that matches your competence level.

Building Your Team

In career mode and online matches, for successful performance, it is necessary to have a solid team. Initially, choose a team that has the right strategy for your kind of play. You can transfer players, look for talent and train your team to become better. Ensure that players selected have good attribute balances such as speed, strength, and stamina among others.

Features of eFootball 2024

Enhanced Graphics and Animation

eFootball 2024 offers much better graphics and animations. The game employs high-end graphics to display a realistic look and feel. Characters are well designed and player models are realistic as the movements of the character are fluent. The stadiums are detailed and look as close to the real football grounds as one can get.

Realistic Gameplay Mechanics

Some of the main changes in eFootball 2024 concern the game mechanics to provide the player with a better football simulation. There is a better physics model applied to the ball, players’ animation is smoother, and the AI opponents are enhanced to pose a worthy challenge. It also has realistic weather that affects the flow of the match, and all these are in the game.

Updated Team Rosters

In addition, eFootball 2024 is characterized by changes in the rosters of football clubs and national teams. It should be noted that all the leagues and teams included in the table were filled by the current season. This comprises player transfers, new kits, and actual players’ statistics. It ensures that the game is up-to-date and has the right modern football tendencies and trends.

In-Depth Career Mode

Thus, Career Mode has been enriched with new features that make the gameplay deeper and closer to the real world. You can now deal with the financial aspect of the team, sign contracts with the players, and train new talents through the academy. The model also comprises a detailed match analysis, which enables you to make proper tactical moves.

Online Multiplayer

eFootball 2024 has pretty good online multiplayer functionality. You can play ranked matches, be in leagues, and take part in special events. It also has a cross-platform function, so you can fight with players using different devices.

Tips and Tricks for Play eFootball 2024

  • Master the Controls
    Spend time in training mode to master the controls. Practice passing, shooting, and tackling until you feel comfortable with the basic mechanics. Learning advanced moves like dribbling and skill moves can give you an edge over your opponents.
  • Understand Player Attributes
    Every player is characterized by certain abilities that determine his or her behavior on the field. But, when constructing the team, focus on the following attributes:. For instance, a player with speed and agility is suitable for the forwards’ positions since he or she can dribble past defenders easily, while a defender has good tackling and marking skills.
  • Use Tactics and Formations
    Try out new strategies and arrange your players in a certain way that you think will be effective. Tactics have to be changed depending on the situation and individual predispositions of the players. In matches, one should be ready to change strategies if the current one is not producing a positive result.
  • Manage Stamina
    This is especially true when players are involved in long matches or tournaments, their stamina is very vital. The tactical rotation of the players and the proper management of the bench players are good. Fatigue leads to careless and hasty plays and poor health among the players.
  • Watch Replays
    Look at replays to analyze your matches to see where you can improve. This can help you know your weak points and enable you to work on those areas. Be sure to work on your positioning, passing, and how you set up your defensive line.
  • Participate in Events
    Play special events and challenges to earn rewards and/or to enhance your skills in the game. Such events are often characterized by different principles and conditions so that the gameplay will be more diverse and interesting.


Experience the realist football game with eFootball 2024 APK for Android. From beginners to experts, experience the best football game. Enjoy the best features, including graphics, the versatility of the players, the team lineups, and the depth and complexity of the Career Mode.

It’s possible to easily control the game, manage the player’s attributes, employ an effective tactic to win, and consequently have hours of football enjoyment.

eFootball™ 2024 APK v8.6.0

APK (2.58GB)
3.6/5 (13,763,926 votes)

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