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Name QuickEdit Text Editor
Publisher Rhythm Software
Size 13.12MB
Version 1.11.1
Google Play ID com.rhmsoft.edit

QuickEdit Text Editor is a very fast, very stable, and very capable text editor for Android. It is a highly functional editor that boasts numerous features developed to assist you in your text-editing process. Quick EDIT is a program that anyone who uses text files in their professional activity, as a programmer, a writer, or an ordinary user of online services, will find useful.

QuickEdit currently recognizes many different file formats, such as plain text, source code, and configuration files. It is ideal for accessing your documents, making small revisions and changes to them while traveling, or even in day-to-day usage where one does not require a heavy laptop to run multiple applications.

Overview of QuickEdit Pro

QuickEdit Pro has all the features that are available in the QuickEdit Text Editor, plus extra features that are enhanced. While it is a paid version, it offers all of the functionality of the free version and some more tools and improvements that make it even better.

The advanced version, known as QuickEdit Pro, offers no advertisements and additional functionality to enhance your efficiency. However, it is aimed at users who require an advanced text editor for work, not just for occasional writing. All in all, if you are really into text editing with your Android device, QuickEdit Pro is something to be looked at.

Features of QuickEdit Text Editor

QuickEdit Text Editor packs a punch with its impressive list of features. Here are some of the key ones that make it stand out:

  1. Fast and Responsive
    QuickEdit is built to be incredibly fast and responsive. It handles large files with ease and opens documents quickly, so you can start editing right away without any delays.
  2. Syntax Highlighting
    This feature is a lifesaver for developers and is one of my favorite aspects of the interface. QuickEdit has support for syntax for more than 50 languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, and so on. This makes it easy to read and write code, as the editor underscores different shreds of your code in various colors.
  3. Code Folding
    I like the feature of code folding, whereby it can collapse certain lines of code in a file. This feature allows you to navigate and work on only the current piece of code without being dragged in by the rest of the code.
  4. Multiple Tabs
    QuickEdit provides full tab functionalities, which means you can open several files at the same time. This is especially useful when working on a project that requires the use of different files or documents. Tabs allow for easy shifting from one tab to the next, while cutting, copying, and pasting from one tab to another is also made easier.
  5. Search and Replace
    quickedit is capable of searching and replacing strings in any block of text that is available for editing. It allows you to look up words or phrases in your document that you need to change to a different word or phrase. This can be of great benefit in terms of time, especially if you are operating on large files or even making regular changes.
  6. Undo and Redo
    Everyone is human, and sometimes we goof up, What simplifies this is using QuickEdit. The undo and redo options help to restore the work to the state it was before changes were made or redo actions that were performed, This helps when making changes to the text or the code.
  7. Auto Indentation
    QuickEdit provides the basic edit option where it will indent codes when they are typed making it easier to work with an organized layout. This feature assists in enhancing the code readability and also aids in the detection of blunders against the set standard.
  8. Line Numbers
    On the right side of the document, a bar shows the line numbers and allows the user to go to the required line. This is most helpful when troubleshooting or when other people need to look at a piece of code and are unsure of where to start.
  9. Customizable Themes
    There are several options that QuickEdit has and one of them is the availability of many themes that the user can set to his or her choice. This software lets you select diverse color patterns, and change font size and style to ensure a comfortable editing session.
  10. Extended Keyboard
    The feature of QuickEdit is the extended keyboard, which allows to type needed symbols without using the mouse and switch to other windows. This is convenient for customers and reduces the need to use multiple inputs or keyboards, which can save time.
  11. Cloud Integration
    QuickEdit allows for imports from the most widely used cloud storage, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. This enables you to retrieve and alter your documents as you wish, and you will have them updated on as many gadgets as possible.
  12. Support for FTP, FTPS, and SFTP.
    For those who use remote servers too frequently, QuickEdit supports common protocols like FTP, FTPS, and SFTP. Additionally, some of the features include directly connecting to the server and searching and editing files without using a traditional FTP application.

Why Choose QuickEdit Pro?

Now you might be wondering why you would even consider going for the Pro version of something when you already have the best of both worlds at your disposal. Here are a few reasons:

Ad-Free Experience
You will find that QuickEdit Pro has no ads content so you can work undistracted for the best results. This can be a major advantage if you need to type extensively using the device in text or code editing.

Enhanced Performance
The basic functionalities are included in the free version, while the Pro version has performance enhancements/optimizations that make the app run smoother. This means quick access to information, better work with heavy files, and more extensive interactivity than before.

Additional Features
From the comparison of the free version and QuickEdit Pro, one can notice that QuickEdit Pro has extra features not seen in the free version. These may extend the functionality for your benefit and make the application even more functional.

Support the Developers
If you decide to purchase QuickEdit Pro today, you’ll be directly contributing your support to the creators of this great program. This assists them in always updating the app and incorporating better features, which helps QuickEdit to be among the top text editors for Android.


QuickEdit Text Editor is a great, flexible, and rather easy-in-use application that can improve text manipulation on your Android gadget. Regardless of whether you use the free version of QuickEdit or go for the QuickEdit Pro version, many features will assist you in organizing your work more optimally.

So, if you are almost bored with your text editing apps, it is high time to try something new and powerful like QuickEdit app.

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