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Name Tekken 3
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
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Tekken 3, the sequel to the popular Tekken series, is also known as TD3 and was distributed and produced by Namco. The game introduced many characters, along with some faces that were familiar to the viewers from earlier parts These factors discussed above made it possible for the game to sell well among fighting game lovers because of additional features like rapid control response, availability of many characters, and a complex fighting formula.

The Effects of Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is a fighting game that goes beyond what is usually expected. It completely changed the gaming industry. Upon its debut, it introduced a groundbreaking aspect of 3D motion. In numerous other fighting games, players were limited to moving characters horizontally, but Tekken 3 added sidestep as a new, more complex movement option. This game established the standard for future fighting games and continues to be highly respected in the gaming industry.

Features of Tekken 3 Android Game

Next, we will discuss the Android adaptation of Tekken 3. Playing Tekken 3 on Android feels like grasping a part of gaming’s past in your hands. Below are some of the main attributes that contribute to its exceptional quality:

1. Authentic Arcade Experience
The Android version retains the essence of the original arcade game. You get the same characters, moves, and game modes that made Tekken 3 a legend. It’s like having an arcade machine in your pocket.

2. Smooth Controls
A primary issue with mobile gaming is the control system. Tekken 3 for Android features touch controls that closely resemble the arcade joystick and buttons, providing an intuitive gaming experience. Once you grasp it, executing combos and special moves is a satisfying experience.

3. High-Quality Graphics
The graphics are well-optimized for mobile devices. Even though it’s an older game, the characters and stages look great on modern screens. The animations are fluid, and the special effects still have that nostalgic charm.

4. Character Roster
Tekken 3 features a varied lineup of combatants. Each character has a unique fighting technique, set of moves, and backstory. choose your favorite character as per your gaming style.

5. Multiple Game Modes
The game provides multiple modes for your entertainment. From the traditional Arcade Mode to the difficult Survival Mode, there are numerous features to discover. Additionally, the Practice Mode is ideal for improving skills and discovering new combos.

6. Lightweight and Accessible
The Tekken 3 APK is a small file, easy to download and install on any Android device.

Tekken 3 Gameplay

Now it is time to look at the playable aspects of Tekken 3, Specifically, it is called game mechanics. Collision is very profound and elaborate, which makes this game famous for its fight department.

Basic Controls
The control mechanism in Tekken 3 is rather basic and includes the following:. You have four main buttons, which are left punch, right punch, left kick, and right kick. These, along with the directions, enable one to do many things, from the basic punch and kick motions to complex combination moves and even tosses.

Movement and Sidestepping
Among the specific elements that can be mentioned as the main features of the Tekken 3 game, the side step movement must be mentioned. This adds another level to the game and brings the aspect of strategy to the game. It is possible to counterattack if you move to the foreground or the background, thus avoiding the attack. A player should be able to give and take to be able to advance in the game; thus, make sure to practice sidestepping.

Combos and Special Moves
Each character has a list of combos and special moves. Learning these is essential to dominating your opponents. Practice Mode is a great place to start. Spend time experimenting with different combinations to find out what works best for your preferred character.

Throws and Counters
Throws are powerful moves that can turn the tide of a battle. Each character has unique throws that can deal significant damage. On the flip side, learning to counter throws and attacks is equally important. Timing is key here, and with practice, you can master the art of countering.

Character-Specific Strategies
All the characters in Tekken 3 have some reserves and pits. A major thing that a player should know is the abilities of the given character to come up with a viable strategy. For instance, if your character has numerous grappling moves, win the fight by closing the space between the character and the opponent. Looking at the special abilities, if your character is into ranged attacks or other abilities, then remain at the edge and deal in small hits to your opponent’s health bar.

Arcade Mode
Arcade mode is the soul of Tekken 3 and players who play this game must complete this mode. This game consists of selecting a character, boxing through many opponents, and defeating a boss. High-score list rewards set up a competitive tone for every win you get and secure a place on the list.

Survival Mode
Whether it is a battle, race, or some other form of competition, in Survival Mode, enemies come from all directions and never stop coming. The objective is to kill as many as one can before their health is depleted. This mode proves one’s stamina as one has to play against different types of players and strategies.

Time Attack Mode
Time Attack Mode, as the very name suggests, offers you the impatient type of play by encouraging you to complete Arcade Mode in as little time as possible. This mode is great for boosting runners and players who want to increase the efficiency of the battle.

Practice Mode
The understanding of Practice Mode is that it is there, where a person develops a skill. I found out you can do the combos, special moves, and even counter moves without the feel of actually competing with another character. This mode is rather useful for comprehending the peculiarities of each character.


There is no doubt that Tekken 3 can still be considered one of the true classics of the battling class of games. It has remained a trendy game for years because of its interesting gameplay, choice of characters, and other special characters added to it. You can try the Taken 3 Android game on mobile for free.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert gamer, you will love this game, Tekken 3 it’s one of the best. If you want to pay attention and be dedicated, you can master the nonviolent game and have hours of fun. Hence, go ahead and Tekken 3 Download for Android and be part of the many gamers who enjoy the great Tekken series.

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