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That’s Not My Neighbor

Name That's Not My Neighbor
Publisher Nacho Sama
Size 206MB
Google Play ID com.thatsnotmy.neighbor

About That’s Not My Neighbor

“That’s Not My Neighbor Game” is One of the creepiest games, hope you never played a game like this before. You are jobless and money is your basic need, so, you have no choice other than to work as a doorman. So all entries into the building require your permission. That’s Not My Neighbor is not a typical game of your choice, but it’s a spooky 2D horror game mixed with the everyday job of being a doorman.

The Mysterious Gameplay

You play the doorman in Thats Not My Neighbor, but there’s a twist: the world outside is filled with creepy creatures called doppelgängers. Creepy features have some resemblance to people, but they are terrible creatures.

The Doorman’s Duties

Your job as the doorman is more than just saying hello to people. You’ve got to stop those doppelgängers from sneaking in. You’ve got to be super careful, checking IDs, making sure people are going to the right apartments, and even calling to double-check. Perform your job as a doorman, securing the building from creepy creatures.

That’s Not My Neighbor Game with A Nail-Biting Experience

that"s not my neighbor game

That’s Not My Neighbor is intense and keeps you on edge. Every move you make matters, the wrong move leads to serious consequences. No doubt, it’s a super suspenseful and different game from other thrilling games.

Distinguishing Friend from Foe: Identifying Doppelgängers

In “That’s Not My Neighbor,” you’ve got to figure out who’s who. Do you have to make sure they are my neighbor or a sneaky doppelgänger? It’s a tough call because those doppelgängers are good at pretending to be humans.

Tools of the Trade: Mechanic Settings

You’ve got some tools to help you out, like a phone to call your mysterious boss for help, checklists to keep track of visitors, and a security window to watch people come in. There are buttons to let people in or keep them out, folders to keep your notes organized, and even an emergency button for when things get scary.

Stay Alert and Pay Attention

You’ve got to stay sharp and pay attention. Thats Not My Neighbor game isn’t just about remembering stuff; it’s about keeping your cool when things get spooky. Show your bravery and make hard decisions to keep everyone safe.

Thrilling Gameplay You will Experience

“That’s Not My Neighbor” is a mix of horror and being a responsible guardian. Your job is to protect neighbors from all creepy doppelgängers.

What Makes Not My Neighbor Game More Attractive?

Every thrilling and suspenseful game becomes attractive through story, visual, and sound effects. As far as the story is concerned, it is not a game story that is so interesting. The visuals and graphics are eye-catching and completely relate to the game’s nature. How can we forget the Sound? Sound gives you a real-life experience of the thriller world. If you want to try a story game then try Episode – Choose Your Story

Final Words about That’s not My Neighbor

Are you ready to take a challenge and face horrifying creatures? That’s not My Neighbor apk is available here. If you are Spanish you can find it as ese no es mi vecino apk.

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