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YouTube ReVanced Extended

Name Revanced Extended
Publisher inotia00 - Rufusin
Size 139MB
Version 19.24.35

Are you annoyed by the limitations and commercials on YouTube? Let me introduce you to YouTube ReVanced Extended. This revised YouTube app offers so many features that enhance your watching experience in some way. If you desire ad-free videos, background playback, or further customization, then YouTube ReVanced Extended is the one for you. Now it is time to explain what YouTube ReVanced is, and what features it can offer.

What is YouTube ReVanced?

YouTube ReVanced (리밴스드 extended) is the modded version of the genuine YouTube application introduced for Android gadgets. It was designed to provide additional functions not seen in the Youtube Premium application. Think of it as YouTube 2.0, where you are blessed with extra control over the videos you want to watch. ReVance Extended apk is rolled out by Inotia00 developers.

Features of YouTube ReVanced Extended

As for what YouTube ReVanced Extended adds to the platform, it is worth mentioning that it is not limited to simple settings and instead has many features that can meet different requirements. undefined

  1. Ad-Free Experience
    Another extremely desirable feature is the absence of advertisements in video streaming with YouTube ReVanced Extended. No advertisements pop up when watching your most-watched videos and channels. This feature alone can make a massive difference in mere viewing, let alone the overall experience.
  2. Background Playback
    The app known as YouTube ReVanced Extended now has a feature that allows you to watch videos in the background while working on some other apps. This is excellent, especially when you wish to listen to some music or podcasts but don’t want the YouTube app to be active.
  3. Video Downloads
    ReVanced Extended also comes with functionality for users to download the videos so that they can watch them at their convenience. It is quite helpful, especially when there are no steady connections, but one does not want to miss their favorite programs.
  4. Customization Options
    Let me discuss the available options to personalize the appearance of the app. First of all, you can select the theme of the application and activate or disable many options, as well as adjust the look of the application.
  5. SponsorBlock Integration
    SponsorGoggles is a feature that acts as a filter to minimize sponsored content on videos, particularly on YouTube. This implies that one can watch videos without being hounded to skip sponsorship messages at every turn.
  6. Enhanced Playback Controls
    The ReVanced Extended APK offers additional gestures for changing the brightness and volume of the video while playing and varied speed presets. This makes it easier for you to have power during your viewing sessions.
  7. PiP Mode (Picture-in-Picture)
    The multitasking feature enables you to open videos on a small screen that you can enlarge at will while using other applications. This feature is unique and quite helpful, especially if one is busy carrying out other tasks.
  8. High-Resolution Videos
    With high-resolution mp4 videos, you can watch higher-resolution videos no matter if your device supports them or not. This allows one to obtain the highest-quality videos possible.
  9. Disable YouTube Stories
    If you are not a fan of YouTube Stories, then ReVanced Extended has an option to disable it if you want it gone. This avoids cluttering your main screen with unnecessary features that may distract your users from the content they are interested in.


YouTube ReVanced Extended can be considered as offering a perfect replacement for the standard YouTube application. It provides a good and pleasant experience, as it offers many features and options to customize. Whether it’s cutting out ads, background playing videos, or simply watching high-quality videos, ReVanced Extended provides options for everything.

Downloading the YT Revanced Rufusin APK on your Android device is simple, and once you start using it, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Make use of YouTube ReVanced Extended for a better experience while using YouTube.

Revanced Extended APK v19.24.35

APK (139MB)
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