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Name Zombies Boom
Publisher MG.OL
Size 294.12MB
Version 1.35
Google Play ID com.bsvn.zombie

Zombies Boom: An Overview

Have you seen many gamers who are crazy about zombie games? Here, I want to share the best zombie game, Zombie Boom, that I love the most. I enjoy this game and experience the full thrill, action, and suspense. If you love playing games in the action category involving zombies, then you will love this one. Here, I will explain the story behind the game, some other details about the game, and ways to play the game.

Game Story

The back story of the Zombies Boom game can be described as a world that has turned into a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. Humanity is almost entirely wiped out, and we cannot just sit back and watch the end of the world happen. You, the leading character, are part of a small group of survivors who are fighting to take back this world from the masses of undead. The game immediately drops you straight into some very serious and action-packed missions in which you move through volatile territories, save other survivors, and, of course, grenade zombies.

The events in the plot do not let you get bored, and it feels like you are in a zombie action film. The missions range from creating safe zones, acquiring resources and supplies for the survivors, and killing a lot of zombies. They all build on the story and explain more about what happened to create zombies and how humanity can defeat them.

Features of Zombies Boom

It is not only a game that involves thorough shooting; it has a bunch of peculiarities that make Zombies Boom a gem in the genre of zombie games. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Intense Gameplay
Its gameplay is another strong point of the game since it has a fast-paced and action-packed feel. It feels like you are constantly alert in every situation, whether you are fighting zombies, being a survivor, or hiding in a dark alley.

2. Variety of Weapons
Common types of firearms include pistols, rifles, automatic shotguns, machine guns, and even explosive gadgets. As with most things in an RPG, each weapon has pros and cons, and utilizing them effectively depends on the situation.

3. Character Customization
Yes, your character is fully customizable regarding the apparel, equipment, and firearms. It also increases your endurance and makes your character look cool, which is important in most survival games.

4. Multiplayer Mode
Zombies Boom is an interesting game that is incorporated with the ability to play with friends or other players around the globe. They can cooperate to accomplish objectives, swap items, and fight the most challenging zombies side by side.

5. Upgradable Skills
However, as you advance in your experience, there are possibilities to improve your skills. Whether the enhancements are for the player’s shooting capabilities, health, or the rate at which this character reloads his weapon, these enhancements are important to overcome the higher levels in the game.

6. Daily Challenges
Daily challenges and missions are an exciting addition to the game that helps to avoid monotony. It gives you something to work on and they are fun to complete, thus making them rewarding.

How to Play the Zombie Boom Game

Getting started with Zombies Boom is pretty simple. Follow my step-by-step guide for a better gaming experience:

Download and Install the Game

First, you have to locate the Zombies Boom APK download link from a legitimate site such as GenuineApks.com. After the download, further instructions are provided on the screen to install the game on the particular device.

Create Your Profile

In the latter case, launch the game and create your profile after installing it on your device. Select and create your character and select and choose your starting weapon if you want one.

Complete the Tutorial

The tutorial is included, which explains the fundamentals of the game and the way a player interacts with it. Listen carefully for this will help you pass through the actual game.

Start the Missions

After completing the tutorial, go through the missions to gain more knowledge and explore the game. In every mission, you are given goals that you have to fulfill within that mission, for example, to rescue survivors or kill several zombies.

Collect Rewards and Upgrade

Coins and experience points are obtained as a reward for finishing the game missions. Use these to advance to a higher level your weapons and skills.

Join Multiplayer

If one wished to go through more excitement, he or she could try the multiplayer mode. You can create a group with friends or search for new partners on social networks.


Zombies Boom APK for Android is a great game, and I can play it for hours. As an interesting plot with all the different features and non-trivial gameplay, it is recommended to any fan of zombie games. Please ensure that you get the Zombies Boom APK from GenuineApks .

Zombies Boom APK v1.35

APK (294.12MB)
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